Day 1

April 23, 2012

Day 1 (Monday) has gone very well.

I started in the morning with Glucosamine and then a run around the Tan. That’s about 7km. Straight after the run I drank two teaspoons of vital greens in water and then about 12 spirulina tablets.  I then had a good breakfast with Uncle Toby’s Wholegrain Porridge with Soy Milk (regular). 

Lunch: I took a good walk for lunch. I had home made vege soup and a can of John West Tuna with Chilli. No sugar in the can.

Afternoon Tea: I had a handful of Chia seeds, a mandarin, and a cup and a half of soy milk with WPI protien.

Dinner: I plan to have rump steak and beans. Before dinner I plan to have Psyllum Husk in water.

Water: I have been constantly been drinking water. Slowly. Less trips to the bathroom. I’ve had about a litre of water (not including what I had mixed with vital greens , etc).

 Coffee: I had one cup of coffee only.


How We Know For Sure We Can Vividly Imagine

April 22, 2010

Rene Descartes – a famous philosopher once said “(1) I think therefore (2) I am”. He was referring to what he knew was true. Fortunately or unfortunately he could not prove any further than that. It was quite a challenge.

I’ve been faced with my own dilemma. How can I Vividly Imagine (visualise) something?I’m auditory by nature and pictures seemingly don’t come easy in my mind. Even after weeks and months of practice.

Then the answer came to me in a flash of blinding ecstasy. I’m already visualising! Quite well too. I just needed to be reminded.  Erotic fantasy. It’s a rather delicate subject but one worth raising. It’s worth raising because almost all of us have had a fantasy at some stage in our lives.Remember back to the last fantasy you may have had. How vivid was it? Did you achieve the outcome you planned by using this visualisation?

What does this tell us? We’re capable of visualising if we know we’ve already done it. So, next time you’re asked to visualise, and you don’t think you can, think of a time you have.