Day 1

Day 1 (Monday) has gone very well.

I started in the morning with Glucosamine and then a run around the Tan. That’s about 7km. Straight after the run I drank two teaspoons of vital greens in water and then about 12 spirulina tablets.  I then had a good breakfast with Uncle Toby’s Wholegrain Porridge with Soy Milk (regular). 

Lunch: I took a good walk for lunch. I had home made vege soup and a can of John West Tuna with Chilli. No sugar in the can.

Afternoon Tea: I had a handful of Chia seeds, a mandarin, and a cup and a half of soy milk with WPI protien.

Dinner: I plan to have rump steak and beans. Before dinner I plan to have Psyllum Husk in water.

Water: I have been constantly been drinking water. Slowly. Less trips to the bathroom. I’ve had about a litre of water (not including what I had mixed with vital greens , etc).

 Coffee: I had one cup of coffee only.


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